Oreokame lives in Kuruman in the Northern Cape. In 2016 he was diagnosed with Fanconi Anaemia – a rare disease that mainly affects the bone marrow.

Oreokame’s health condition is impacting his family. Emotionally his mom is drained, but she keeps strong for his sake.  It is very difficult for Oreokame as he spends most of his time in hospital, missing out on school and exams and hanging out with his friends.

Currently, he travels almost every month to Kimberley for a blood & platelet transfusion. Every few months he also travels to Pretoria to see the oncologists at Unitas Hospital. The family started traveling with Wings & Wishes in 2021 and to date, we assisted with 64 trips!

The only cure is a stem cell transplant.  None of his family members are a perfect match, therefore DKMA Africa arranged a donor registration drive in Kuruman on 19 August. Oreokame is on the transplant list and is hopeful to find a donor soon. Once he had his transplant, he would be able to enjoy life with his friends – this idea is what keeps him motivated and hopeful

His mom says, “Wings and wishes means a lot to us. I’m grateful for the love and financial support. You came to our rescue and you’re truly a life saver.”