For the 19-year-old Myrtle, life was almost perfect. She had the most beautiful one-year-old little
girl, Denay, who changed her whole life. They lived in the scenic fishing town of Arneston and just
moved into their new home, starting their life as a family.

As their geyser was not yet installed, Myrtle was boiling water on the stove to bath Denay before her
dad comes home. Denay was following her mom from the kitchen to the bathroom as she carried
the pots of water. The next moment Denay was screaming, a sound that her mom will never forget.
Denay fell into the bath with boiling water. Myrtle grabbed her out of the bath and ran with her to
the neighbour’s house to look for help.

Denay was admitted to Red Cross Hospital with third-degree burns on her head, neck and upper
body. Doctors were fighting for her life. She was in the hospital for 2 months before they could go home,
but they had to return once a week for changing the dressing and physiotherapy. Skin grafts and
numerous surgeries are planned for the months ahead.

Myrtle was devastated and consumed with guilt, how is she going to manage to get to the hospital?
They do not have a car and there is no public transport to Cape Town. One of the residents in
Arneston is willing to take her but charges her R800 a trip. Luckily her doctor told her about Wings &

Wings & Wishes started transporting the family for their weekly visits. We partnered with
Swellendam Lions – they provide a driver& vehicle and Wings & Wishes would cover the travel
costs. Since January 2020 we have sponsored 18 trips at a cost of R 8 400
In August 2021 Denay went back to the theatre to reconstruct her ear which was badly scarred. Once her
scalp is completely healed the doctors will also do hair implants as her natural hair will not grow on
the burned skin. We endeavour to continue supporting Denay in every way we possibly can.