At birth, Cassidy was diagnosed with a rare liver disease. At 4 months old in August 2010, she travelled with Wings & Wishes from Port Elizabeth for the first time to Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town for an assessment.

In the coming years, Cassidy travelled regularly and by 2016 she had clocked up 33 trips!  In July 2016 she was placed on the liver transplant list. Her journey has been long and painful with multiple admissions to hospitals. Whilst waiting for a liver transplant Cassidy’s condition deteriorated. In 2021 the family was informed that she was in liver failure and would not survive without a new liver. She was referred to Donald Gordon Hospital in Johannesburg for a living donor transplant evaluation. In late 2021 they received the news that Cassidy’s mom, Chantelle, was a perfect match for a liver transplant. In February 2022, she made her 42nd trip – this time to receive her new liver from her mother Chantelle!

She was in ICU for 5 weeks and at times the doctors feared that she would not pull through.  In April, she walked out of the hospital, ready to start her new life.  She is not yet back at school but is healthy and pain-free. She travels to Johannesburg every 6 weeks for post-transplant check-ups.

Cassidy’s mom Chantelle is a single mom and is eternally grateful to Wings & Wishes for supporting them for the past 12 years.