Asisipho is a beautiful girl with a brilliant smile. According to her mom, she is very sociable and loved being the centre of attention. Aggressive fibromatosis casted a dark shadow on her zest for life.  This is a rare benign tumour that develops from the tissue of the musculoaponeurotic system and is characterized by local aggressive behaviour. As the tumour grew Asispho became more withdrawn as she had to endure people staring at her face and children making nasty comments.

A team of specialists at Tygerberg Hospital in Bellville was prepared to surgically remove the tumour. In a delicate 10-hour operation, the tumour was removed. As the tumour destroyed her jaw, they had to reconstruct a new jaw and used fatty tissue from her buttocks to fill up the area. The surgery was a huge success as the scars healed the brilliant smile appeared again.


Today Asisipho is a very confident, beautiful young lady. She enjoys dressing up, and posing for photos and loves pamper parties.