Meet Alonzo

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Diagnosed with Granulomatous Disease

Alonzo, aged 7, was diagnosed with severe iron-deficiency anaemia with underlying, chronic, inflammatory bowel disease. In addition to this he was admitted to a local Port Elizabeth Hospital with severe, unresponsive pneumonia. After undergoing extensive tests including a bronchoscopy, colonoscopy and duodenoscopy, he was finally referred to the Red Cross Children's hospital in Cape Town at the beginning of August.

Alonzo has been diagnosed with Granulomatous Disease which is an inherited disorder in which a certain immune system calls are unable to kill some types of bacteria and fungi. The disorder leads  to long term and repeated infections. The condition is often  discovered in early childhood. Milder forms may be diagnosed during the teen years or even in adulthood.

Granulomatous causes Impetigo, skin abscesses and furuncles, as well as perianal and rectal abscesses. Pneumonia that keeps coming back, and is caused by bacteria not typical of most pneumonia, is a significant problem. Repeated swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck, with the formation of abscesses, is common.

Alonzo's mother, Elveta, is relieved to finally know what is wrong with her little boy. They are waiting to be diagnosed and cannot wait to return home after being in Cape Town for just over a month. Alonzo is now undergoing treatment and will be closely monitored by his medical specialist.

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