Lwando's road to health

Lwando Now

In July 2011 Lwando and a friend was playing in class and the friend accidently hit him with a plastic ruler on the cheek. When he got home there was a red mark on his cheek and he explained to his mom what happened. By the end of the week there was swelling around the red mark and Lwando developed a fever. His mom decided to take him to the clinic where he was given panado for the pain & fever. Two weeks later his right eye was swollen and 2 lumps appeared on his head. His mom took him back to Dora Nginza Hospital where he was given antibiotics. His mom wasn’t happy and borrowed money to take him to a doctor in private practice. The doctor referred him back to Dora Nginza Hospital to the maxi facial surgeon. The surgeon did a biopsy and Lwando was diagnosed with plasma-blastic lymphoma.
His mom was at a loss for words. Her 11 year old son was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She asked the doctor if he is going to die. The local doctor said that if they can get him to Red Cross Children’s Hospital by the end of the week, they would be able to help him. Being a single, unemployed mom she did not know how that would be possible. Luckily they were referred to Wings & Wishes who made all the travel & transfer arrangements for Lwando and his mom.
Lwando and his mom spent 7 grueling months in Red Cross hospital, Cape Town where he received chemotherapy & radiation. At times he was very sick and his mom had to carry him on her back like a baby. He had terrible headaches as a result of the radiation. There wasn’t always a bed for the mom to sleep on at hospital and she often slept on the floor.
For the last month of their 8 month stay in Cape Town they lived at the CHOC House in order for Lwando to be close to hospital. At last, on 21 March 2012, the family returned home! Lwando missed out on 2 years of schooling and continued his follow up treatment in Port Elizabeth.
Today, Lwando is a healthy 17 year old completing grade 11. He is in remission since 2015. He dreams of becoming a sound engineer to live out his passion for music.
With the generosity of our donors Lwando was brought back from death’s door. His mom will be forever grateful for your support!

Current Supporters

We would like to thank our current supporters for their generous support. With your help we have given wings to many critically ill children.

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