Meet Zanakuhle

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Diagnosed with tuberculosis and then a brain tumour

In March 2014, Zanakuhle began to lose significant amounts of weight and had a noticeable loss of appetite. Her mother suspected something was wrong with her eyes as she was struggling to walk without feeling her way around.

She was taken to the local clinic where tests were done and they discovered that she had Tuberculosis. She began treatment immediately. Later in May further tests were done at Dora Nginza Hospital and they discovered that Zanakuhle had a brain tumour. It was confirmed at this stage that she was in fact blind due to the tumour putting pressure onto her optic nerve.

Her mother felt confused as she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and then all of a sudden with a brain tumour.

She was told that she needed to go to Cape Town for her daughter’s brain surgery.

She was informed by the doctors about Wings and Wishes which gave her instant relief as she only receives a state grant of R300 per month which is barely enough for her to feed herself and her child on. She travelled with her mother to Cape Town in July and most part of the tumour was removed.

She needs to return to Cape Town in January 2015 for Radiotherapy. Wings and Wishes will most definitely considerassisting her with this cost again. Although Zanakuhle’s mother was told that she will never see again she remains hopeful that one day she will see again!

Current Supporters

We would like to thank our current supporters for their generous support. With your help we have given wings to many critically ill children.

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