Success Stories

  • Asiphosona

    Life saving flight for baby

    We received an urgent request to fly baby Asiphosona from East London to Cape Town. The baby just returned from Cape Town on two days ago after a pacemaker was fitted. A...

  • Lwando Now

    Lwando's road to health

    In July 2011 Lwando and a friend was playing in class and the friend accidently hit him with a plastic ruler on the cheek. When he got home there was a red mark on his c...

  • 20170525 092031

    Yanda's road to recovery

    In 2012 Yanda got sick. His mom took him to various doctors in Port Elizabeth, but nobody could give them a diagnosis. Their doctor decided to send them to Red Cross Chi...

  • Azole   After

    Azole's second chance

    Azole lives with his granny in a rural village close to Queenstown. One afternoon his friends pushed him into a fire, he suffered severe burn wounds to his face and hand...

  • Logo

    Thank you Wings & Wishes

    Once again your office efficiency & kidness leave us speechless.

    "I thank you" as the late state president Nelson Mandela was fond of saying.


  • Img 8451

    JP can travel home

    JP was diagnosed with renal failure at the age of 4. As the years progressed his condition worsened. He is currently 14 years old and on the kidney transplant list. Dur...

  • Full Size Render

    SA Express gives Giovanna Wings

    Giovanna suffers from osteosarcoma and was in a cast from under her arms to her legs. She was unable to sit up right during flight and needed special assistance in and o...

  • Untitled 1

    Meet Zanakuhle

    Diagnosed with tuberculosis and then a brain tumour

    In March 2014, Zanakuhle began to lose significant amounts of weight and had a noticeable loss of...

  • Img 8561

    Meet Luntu

    My name is Nobunbtu , my daughter is Luntu , she is 6 years old. She's been sick since early childhood by being feverish and would have her legs,feet,face and hands infl...

  • Untitled 1

    Meet Alonzo

    Diagnosed with Granulomatous Disease

    Alonzo, aged 7, was diagnosed with severe iron-deficiency anaemia with underlying, chronic, inflammatory bowel disease. In...

  • Josh

    Meet Joshua

    Diagnosed with Trigono Scaphocephaly

    During Carmen's pregnancy, her gynecologist noticed that there was a deformity with Joshua's skull. When he was born, the ...

  • Child

    Meet Olwethu

    Diagnosed with Dermatomyositis

    Olwethu was born healthy. A few months later her mother, Nomandla, notices swelling and sores  forming all over her bo...

  • Carlo

    Meet Carlo

    Diagnosed with Central Hypertonia

    Carlo spends his morning at Aurora rehabilitation centre in Port Elizabeth. He suffers primarily with severe reflux, cerebal ...

Lili's Follow up - Back to school
Josh's Story

Current Supporters

We would like to thank our current supporters for their generous support. With your help we have given wings to many critically ill children.

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