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Wings and Wishes is committed to assisting families who cannot afford the transport necessary for their critically ill children to reach the specialist medical care they need.

Wings and Wishes raises funds through donations and sponsorship to pay for the transport costs (air or bus tickets) for critically sick children and an accompanying adult (guardian) to the required medical facility, for treatment and care.

General Criteria 

  • Critically ill children (minors): 0-18 years.
  • No availability of / access to the required, specialized treatment in the patients home town
  • Families are deemed poor and needy and/or cannot afford the transport to get them to a suitable medical facility in SA.
  • Written motivation and referral from a medical practitioner is required confirming that the treatment required is not available at a local institution.

Requests can only be processed during office hours 

Please allow at least one day’s notice for the processing of flights.

We will need an additional 48 hours prior to requested departure -in the event of special needs*’ requests for flights. (* Special Needs refers to the need for wheelchairs, lift, oxygen, IV needles etc on plane).

Emergency requests (life and death) for same day departure can be accommodated depending on availability of flights. We would prefer at least 24 hours notice if possible.

Transfers to / from the hospital can be arranged depending on availability.

Please contact us  on (041 395 4240 / 078 494 6404) before faxing/emailing the necessary information forms.

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Current Supporters

We would like to thank our current supporters for their generous support. With your help we have given wings to many critically ill children.

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